Snuffle Caprese Salad


The Caprese salad snuffle and foraging puzzle consist of 11 elements with 17 treat compartments (one in avocado, basil leaves, and balsamico vinegar, and two in tomatoes and mozzarella slices) and a basket with tiny snuffle mat on bottom.
The elements are 3 2/5-4″ (8-10 cm), and balsamico is 7 3/5″ (19 cm). The basket is about 10″ (25 cm) wide.

Place treats/kibbles in treat compartments, toss them to the basket and let your pup enjoy snuffle Caprese feast. The elements can be also used separately in hide’n’seek game with your dog.

All elements are made from fleece with OEKO TEX Standard 100 certificate. The basket is made of attested waterproof polyamid. Whole set can be machine washed (just wash on gentle, preferably within a pillow case, do not tumble dry).

Please note these puzzles are not indestructible.
It is not a toy, it’s a puzzle – all play must be supervised.
Replace once worn.

Machine wash on gentle, do not tumble dry.

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