Epic large two-color Snuffle Snake


If you’re looking for a puzzle toy that will keep your pup’s mind sharp and make them feel like they’re getting away with something, look no further than the epic Large two-color Snuffle Snake! Just place some treats between fleece squares and watch your dog having a blast while sniffing for them and getting them out. This puzzle can also be used as a slow feeder. The squares are tightly put together to make sure searching for food/treats is more challenging for your pet.

Length: 24″ (60 cm), from a tail to a tongue, the squares are 4-4,8″ (10-12 cm). Made of quality fleece with OEKO TEX Standard 100 certificate.

Epic two-color Large Snuffle Snake keeps dogs busy, happy and mentally stimulated. This legendary puzzle is a fantastic way to enrich your pet’s life.

Please note this puzzle is not indestructible.
It’s not a toy, it’s a puzzle – all play must be supervised at all times.
Replace once worn.

Machine wash on gentle, preferably within a pillow case, do not tumble dry. Don’t use fabric conditioners as their strong scent can irritate your pet’s sensitive nose.

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