Extremely Long (70″) multicolor Snuffle Snake


Extremely Long Snuffle Snake is a fantastic enrichment puzzle your dog will for sure fall in love with. Place some treats between fleece squares and watch your dog having a blast sniffing for them and getting them out. The impressive length of the snake will keep your pupper busy for a looooong time. This puzzle can also be used as a slow feeder. The squares are tightly put together to make searching for food/treats more challenging for your dog.

Length: 70″ (175 cm) from a tail to a tongue, the squares are approx. 4-4,8″ (10-12 cm).

Extremely Long Snuffle Snake is this kind of toy which keeps dogs busy, happy and stimulates their brains. Excellent for canine enrichment. Made of quality fleece with OEKO TEX Standard 100 certificate.

Please note that this puzzle is not indestructible.
It’s not a toy, it’s a puzzle – all play must be supervised at all times.
Replace once worn.

Machine wash on gentle, preferably within a pillow case, do not tumble dry. Don’t use fabric conditioners as their strong scent can irritate your pet’s sensitive nose.

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