Colorful snuffle macarons, 12 pieces


Introducing the Snuffle Macarons Treat Puzzle: a captivating set of 12 macarons accompanied by a convenient box. Each macaron features dual kibble/treat compartments on both sides, providing endless engagement for your furry friend.

Crafted with utmost care, these macarons are made from high-quality fleece that meets the rigorous standards of the OEKO TEX Standard 100 certificate. Measuring approximately 2.8 – 3.2″ (7-8 cm) in diameter, these macarons offer a one of a kind experience. The box, constructed with a blend of waterproof fabric and cotton fabric, is reinforced with a sheet of sponge, ensuring durability. Its dimensions are 6.4 x 3.2″ (16 x 8 cm).

Unleash your creativity and enhance the stimulation by filling the macarons with delectable treats and arranging them in various configurations within the box. You can also add an extra challenge by scattering treats between the macarons and inside the box, allowing your pet to indulge in an exciting search for rewards.

The Snuffle Macarons Treat Puzzle serves as a fantastic way to keep your pets engaged while stimulating their cognitive abilities. By satisfying their natural instincts through food-seeking activities, these puzzles boost dogs’ confidence and contribute to their overall happiness. Additionally, they are perfect for enriching the lives of canine, feline, and small pets.

Please be aware that these puzzles are not indestructible and should not be used as chew toys or tug toys. Always supervise playtime, and promptly replace the puzzle if signs of wear become apparent.

Cleaning the Snuffle Macarons Treat Puzzle is effortless. Simply machine wash on the gentle cycle and avoid tumble drying. Please refrain from using fabric conditioners, as they may irritate your pet’s sensitive nose.

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