Jelly bones – perfect snack for hot summer days

Summertime is great and we love it but high temperatures are real concern for all dog parents. How to keep our beloved pups cool? How to make them the most comfortable during heatwave?

There are many ideas and one of them is a cold snack. My dogs love doggy ice cream, but there is one thing they love even more: jelly bones.
Jelly bones are not only cold and help to keep my dogs comfortable when it is hot outside, but they are also super healthy.
To make them I use broth I have left after I cook my dogs’ meat. I add gelatin to hot broth, stir till it melts and let the liquid to cool down.
I use silicone mold with bone-shaped hollows, fill hollows with tiny meat chunks, sometimes with chopped veggies or egg, sometimes with seasonal fruit or seaweed.
My dog Nutka is not a big fan of fruit, the only way to serve them to her is to blend them and mix with meat, but jelly bones are perfect to sneak bilberries or blueberries in one piece. She is so crazy about the bones, that she totally doesn’t care what is inside.

When the liquid reaches room temperature, I pour it over the meat chunks and other foods placed into silicone mold hollows and put it to my fridge for an hour or so.  When they are set, I serve them to my dogs in Kongs, Toppls, or just add them to their meals.

I recently discussed the benefits of bilberries in my previous recipe, so not going to repeat myself. I’m just going to mention health benefits of gelatin – it is made of collagen present in animal bones, joints, cartilage, hooves, and horns. It contains a lot of amino acids. It is extremely beneficial for dogs’ joints and digestive system.